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Business BuilderTM

Build your business into software and see the software build your business.

Business BuilderTM combines our flexible, open development process, Fractal, with a powerful toolbox of tried and tested components. The exceptional levels of reuse allow rapid development of robust applications and an early return on investment.

For the small enterprise, Business BuilderTM provides a competitively priced route into system support. Business BuilderTM can get your enterprise online and give you a new shop in every town within weeks.

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Business BuilderTM is suitable for software development on any scale, from online selling applications for small business to multi-national enterprise-wide development. It delivers a true migration pathway from legacy systems to the latest technologies such as Web Services and maps easily to your existing business processes. It can also be used to facilitate any business process re-engineering initiative.

Business BuilderTM is the result of our extensive experience in development processes, component-based development, frameworks, patterns and with technologies such as the J2EE and Web Services. It can be provided as a toolbox or consultancy, whichever suits your business needs and your existing IT infrastructure.

The tool box of components provided in Business BuilderTM includes a series of interlocking frameworks which interoperate using an open XML standard. The frameworks at the heart of Business BuilderTM are:

  • FrontalwareTM and MPCTM (Model Presentation Controller) which together facilitate the rapid development or integration of applications which need to support multiple client technologies.
  • ObjectBank our engine for the persistence and retrieval of objects using any underlying form of storage.
  • AsymilateTM components for integration to legacy systems and to the latest platforms such as J2EE and .NET, helping you establish a single approach to complex issues such as middleware integration.

By combining Fractal with the frameworks above, Business BuilderTM ensures any project acheives a clear separation of architectural layers throughout the development lifecycle. It provides a process for routing business requirements into appropriate layers, completely avoiding common pitfalls such as driving the requirements of one layer into another.

Business BuilderTM leaves you free to capture your business in software components ready to power build your business !

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