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Delivering on the J2EE

If what you need are the best Java skills available today then look no further because that's exactly what we have ! All our developers have extensive experience with all the technologies which make up the J2EE (along with supporting technologies such as XML and CORBA) gained from the delivery of many mission-critical projects for our clients.

If you need help with establishing a complete approach to J2EE development then let us show we can deliver. OIG's approach to J2EE development builds upon our long history with component-based systems, combining this experience with the potential of the J2EE to provide you with a complete end-to-end solution. Our approach allows you to rapidly capture your business in software - as your core business components and dynamic business processes - ready to support enterprise-wide application development.

Whatever help you are looking for to ensure your J2EE development project succeeds - please phone us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

The Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform provides an excellent basis for building software that truly leverages the potential of a component-based approach to development. The J2EE provides a standard server side component model along with standards for interacting with other enterprise systems such as databases, directories, message-oriented middleware and e-mail. The standards are open and widely supported by a range of vendors across a variety of platforms.

Many organisations have recognised the potential of the J2EE and have adopted it as a strategic technology in their future enterprise development. Adopting such standards provides the opportunity to gain significant benefits not only from reusable software components but also the reuse of knowledge and skills which are fast becoming industry standards. As the J2EE has matured, many patterns have emerged that strive to optimise development on the platform and which attempt to guide the J2EE initiate in new developments.

However, what is not often recognised is the need to bring to the J2EE the lessons learned from earlier component-based approaches to development. Without this, the reusability of J2EE components will be limited, development processes will be inappropriate and inefficient, and delivery times will not be shortened.

We have applied our extensive experience with component-based development including our Fractal process to many client J2EE development projects. We have real hands-on experience of how to ensure:

  • J2EE projects of whatever size can be managed through a consistent but scalable process that is understood and therefore used by everyone
  • Teams are properly structured and skilled to allow the effecient development, testing and integration of J2EE components within an iterative, use case driven process
  • Requirements gathering and business modelling supports reuse without impacting on the aggressive development timescales often found in J2EE development projects
  • Appropriate J2EE patterns and best practices are applied in a structured and cohesive manner
  • J2EE components in all architectural tiers are truly reusable and are actually reused
  • Development cycles provide the business with early and continuous visibility of real working software
  • Productionisation is an integral part of the development process

While remaining independent of any vendor we have delivered J2EE projects on all the leading application servers both proprietory and open-source (including WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle and JBoss) deployed against the major database products (including Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer and MySQL) and integrated with a variety of other products (including MQSeries, Staffware, Vignette and Chordiant). This gives OIG a special objectivity when helping you select the right tools to match your requirements along with depth of knowledge of how to integrate with or get the best out of whichever product is selected.

If you are looking for help with your J2EE development project - please phone us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

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