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The Full Life Cycle Experience

OIG's focus has always been on system delivery. But it is also our aim to produce systems which are closely aligned to our clients' businesses. The wide range of services we are now able to offer is the result of our many years' work in this area.

We have developed our portfolio to provide seemless delivery from business modelling through to working systems. The result is we are able to work with our clients' business areas and their technology departments, providing them with traceability and continuity. Thereby capturing their businesses in software ! The end result is better communication and therefore delivery of systems which do get used because they actually meet the business' needs.

We can deliver - from business modelling, through component-based development, requirements gathering, framework and pattern design to system delivery and reuse.

If you want to experience the full life cycle - phone us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

We have worked with many companies to identify their core business concepts and then built appropriate models to suit our clients' requirements. This has enabled them to establish their fundamental business components, which they have then gone onto in most cases build, but in some cases buy, and adopt a component-based approach to development. We have then worked on their requirements gathering and shown them how to use the components to achieve reuse and build systems that fit their business needs exactly. Our emphasis is always on delivering systems that the business wants to use and that are easily maintainable from day one. To achieve this we encourage our clients to use a repeatable process from business modelling to system delivery. This may involve introducing a whole new process or tailoring it to suit a client's particular requirements, or adapting their existing process.

We have our own bespoke development process, Fractal, which has evolved from the best technqiues and practices we have found. We have been able to use Fractal with both business people and developers, greatly improving communication throughout an organisation. This has enabled our clients to gather requirements from the business, which the developers can quickly and easily understand, thereby facilitating their delivery of systems which the business actually want.

For those of you who want to experience our complete knowledge of the full life cycle, 2002 has seen the launch of our Business BuilderTM product. To find out more please phone us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

Or we can also offer the following individual services covering the full life cycle :


Guidance on how to establish the infrastructure you require :

  • Skills
  • Standards
  • Development process
  • Tools

Technology Selection

  • Production of technology reports.
  • Selection of the right technology to help a particular business area.
  • Justification of new technology and subsequent projects to the relevant business areas.
  • Feasibility studies including task analysis and cost/benefit analysis, directly related to the particular business area(s).
  • Preliminary tool selection.

Technology Transfer

  • Development & presentation of workshops and courses.
  • Presentation and implementation of migration strategies.
  • Team selection.
  • Initial coordination of teams.
  • Mentoring.

Business Modelling

  • Identification of your core business concepts.
  • Business model development.
  • Object-entity mappings from existing entity models to corporate object models.

Development Process

  • Definition of your requirements for a development process.
  • Selection of a development process that best fits your requirements.
  • Tailoring of your selected process.
  • Implementation of your selected process, including integration of development approaches and knowledge transfer.
  • Project management
  • Tool support

Component-Based Development

  • Feasibility and scope of components.
  • Advice on CBD planning and estimation.
  • CBD training.
  • Participation/assistance in analysis and specification of components using industry standards.
  • Confirmation of existing components by review.
  • Guidance on the development, purchase, completeness and usability of suitable components.
  • Lower level design and specification of components using a pattern-based approach.
  • Advice on practical reuse of identified components.
  • Facilitation of application development using components.

J2EE Delivery

OIG has experience of delivering systems on a variety of platforms. Our focus has changed as the technology has matured, starting with Objective-C, Smalltalk, C++ and now Java and the J2EE.

  • J2EE development using all the core APIs including EJB, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JCA, JavaMail and JTA along with supporting technologies such as XML, XSLT, RMI-IIOP and CORBA.
  • Recommendation and/or implementation of appropriate J2EE design patterns and frameworks
  • Adopting EJB 2.0: using CMP and EJB QL
  • Management of J2EE declarative security with JAAS
  • Advice on Application Server selection
  • Guidance on known integration issues with databases, message-oriented middleware and content management products

Training and Documentation

We offer tailor-made training based on OIG's practical experience in all areas of the development life cycle and your particular business requirements. For more information please contact us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

Alternatively, you can have a look at descriptions of some of the previous courses we have developed and presented for our clients.

  • Instructional design
  • Course development and writing
  • Pilot testing
  • User documentation
  • Process/procedures writing
  • Course presentation
  • All material is designed, developed and written by hands-on system designers/developers and course developers.
  • Courses are presented by hands-on system designers/developers with lecturing and mentoring experience, or qualified trainers.
  • Trainers and course developers are Members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (MISTC).

To discuss your individual requirements please phone +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

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