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Online Selling for SMEs

We understand selling online and what it takes to be successful

Now is the time to sell online

We can get your business online within weeks. You may have a successful business, but are you missing out on the fastest growing sales channel - the internet ? Christmas 2002 saw a 95 % increase in internet sales. If your competitors are selling online, your customers will soon be theirs !

Get your business on line now - phone us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

An online shop is still a shop

Just as on the High Street - shoppers must be able to find your online shop. We design-in features that enable your new shop to be easily and rapidly found and can advise you on a complete marketing strategy. Having found you, shoppers need to be encouraged to stay and browse for visits to be converted into sales. To provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience we ensure the quality of presentation is very high and that your information is organised as a shopper would expect. Shoppers need to feel secure when paying online. We work with all the major providers of secure online credit and debit card processing. This gives you choice and your customers complete confidence.

Covering all angles

We are experienced with all aspects of getting your business online, including:

  • Company image creation.
  • Domain name selection and registration.
  • Development of shop concept and content.
  • Site hosting for 24x7 high speed availability.
  • Online credit and debit card processing.
  • High quality product picture catalogue.
  • Site maintenance.
  • Visitor statistics.

Tailored service - fast ROI

We provide a service tailored for you - so you only pay for what you need - you'll be surprised how little it will cost and how soon you will see a return on your investment. Building your site from reusable software building blocks not only results in fast delivery, it also reduces costs.

Understanding your business

We have a long history of working with companies large and small in many business areas. Our experience has been captured in a set of well tested software building blocks which can be combined in whatever way a particular business needs. We take great care to understand your specific business requirements, select the appropriate building blocks and combine them in the best way to suit your business needs. The result is fast delivery of reliable software that supports the way you do business.

Are you ready to sell online or in need of an update ? Then phone us on +44 1249 815081 or mail us at more@oig.co.uk

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