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OIG was established in 1993 to run the Object Interest Group, formed in 1990 to help large scale users migrate to object technology (OT). OIG has since developed and implemented reusable processes, frameworks and components facilitating the rapid development of flexible and maintainable systems. This means we now have considerable experience of helping companies with all aspects of the development life cycle, including technology selection, choosing methodologies, tailoring software development processes, business modelling, requirements gathering, tool selection and tailoring. Recent technologies we have helped companies adopt include Use Cases, UML, RUP, Agile methods, J2EE and component-based development.

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The following page provides a bio of Norman Plant founder of the Object Interest Group. Although their work took place some time ago now, many of the issues they addressed remain relevant to today's projects.

Norman Plant

Norman Plant is based in Surrey and has many years experience in IT. This included 25 years in a senior management role in the IT Division of British Airways. With the responsibility for IT research, he introduced OT into BA in 1990. This involved persuading IT management on why, how and where to start, setting up a supporting infrastructure, identifying and implementing early applications and awareness throughout the Division.

In May 1990 Norman formed the Object Interest Group (OIG) to help give his own management the confidence they required and to help other large scale users migrate to OT at minimum risk and cost. He chaired the Group from 1990 to 1994 continually marketing their work, recruiting new companies and helping members assess the technology and then develop method, technique and management to address a number of key issues associated with OT. Norman retired from the Group in 1994.

Created : 30th April 1996


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